About Us

The formation of an international platform providing global knowledge, innovation, and superior service to wealthy citizens of the world.

  • Advance Life Insurance Strategies offers improved mortality and retention to a select pool of affluent insureds, allowing for lower premiums and a greater return over time. Armed with superior rates and estate and tax planning experience, ALIS is ready to help meet the changing needs of today’s wealthy global citizens.

Deep cross-cultural understanding, complimented by the collective wisdom, depth of knowledge, and infl uence of the minds of M Financial Group.

  • Our services offer thirteen years of international business experience and multilingual customer ts of M Financial Group.

Two generations with 53 years of combined industry experience able to serve for the next half century.

  • Advance Life Insurance Strategies is a multigenerational, family-o rm with combined 53 years of industry experience, ready to serve current and future generations.